How Intangible Capitals Make or Break a Business

29Bison Founder and CEO, Laura Queen EdD., contributes her expertise in the latest whitepaper from the Exit Planning Institute.  

On Strengthening Human Capital:  “Start small, get curious, and focus on materiality. A great way to start is to look at one data set to begin with – often employee turnover is a good way to begin. What does history look like? Are there patterns in the data? If I break the data down by location, division, department, or manager/supervisor does it paint a different picture?”

On the Impact of Weak Customer Capital:  "If you don’t regularly connect with your customers about their needs, desires, and experience with your organization, you’re missing huge opportunities. You will get great insights from these interactions. Use these insights to continuously improve your business. This may mean changing your measures of success or offering or sunsetting products or
services. It is critical to determine what skills, behaviors, values, etc. are critical for your team to meet client and customer expectations.”

On Social Capital:  “Culture drives job satisfaction, employee engagement, customer service, innovation and creativity, employee attraction and retention. It is your magic or secret sauce.”

Click here to read the entire article on the impact of the four intangible capitals on business value.

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